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Using an extensive range of Helifix® specialist stainless steel ties, fixings and masonry reinforcement products, Grange Contractors are skilled in all areas of Structural Repair techniques. In many cases we can provide concealed, stress-free solutions to the problems of masonry failure that will avoid the need for costly taking down and rebuilding.

■ Stress free structural solutions  / Helifix®  crack stitching.

■ Tie bars / stainless steel strapping / wall tie replacement.

■ Crack repairs /  resin injection and reinforcement.

■ Subsidence repair and  prevention.

■ Underpinning  / property stabilisation.

■ All structural property alterations.

■ Masonry rebuilding / repairs and pointing.

■ New heads / lintels / new structural openings / wall removal.

■ Structural work in steel / concrete / stone.

■ Retaining walls.

■ Chimney stack repairs  / rebuilding.

■ Insurance work welcome.


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